Joining a Virtual Machine to a Domain

For a virtual machine (VM) to be used by AD users, the domain must be joined to a domain. Join the VM while running it the NxTop Center Console before publishing; when published, each instance of the VM assigned to an individual user will be a member of that domain.

To join a VM to a domain:

loading graphic

Step One

Step One(If the VM is not already open in the NxTop Center Console,) Click Virtual Machine in the navigation panel, then select the VM.


Step Two

Step Three

Start the VM in NxTop Center.

Console tab

Click the Console tab. The main panel displays the desktop for the VM image.

Step Three

Log into the virtual machine.

Win 7 login

Step Four

  1. Click Start > Computer, then right-click on Properties or
    Use the System or Performance tools in the Control Panel and select System
  2. Click on the Computer Name tab and click the Change button.

    The Computer Name pop-up appears.

Step Five

computer name

Click the Domain radio button and enter the domain name.

When prompted, enter password that has permission to add computers to the domain.

Click OK to close the dialog pop-ups.

Step Six

(This can be combined with other tasks in the operating system - installations, configurations, upgrades, and so on).

Shutdown the VM from within the Console.

Step Seven


Publish the VM.

The Summary tab for the VM lists the domain name in the Deployed Domain field. Each user's instance of the VM will be a member of the domain.


The new version of the VM is listed in the navigation panel. When an assigned user's computer contacts NxTop Center, the new version is downloaded, prepared, and is used when that VM is rebooted.

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